Cold High Pressure Cleaner

In the high-pressure cleaners market companies are divided in those who buy components to assemble products and manufacturers, who have a continuous R&D on all product components.

Lavorwash manufactures all the high-pressure cleaners components entirely and this allows: to spread product knowledge, culture and experience inside the company; to check the entire manufacturing cycle to adopt possible improvements immediately better sensitivity to market request adjusting product range design in real time.

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• Linear Pump :

The movement of the (3) pistons occurs through a system of connecting rods and crankshaft. The longitudinal axle of the pistons (placed at the same level or linear) is perpendicular to the motor rotation axle. It is more versatile to bear high delivery rates (from 21 l/ min) and it has a better self priming.

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• Water Cooled Motor :

Water flows through the S. S. coil around the motor, this allows a better thermal exchange (and so a cooling) than air also in those countries where inlet water could reaches 60°C. This allows a drop in operating temperature of the motor and pump mechanical elements, granting a better reliability and longer life.

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• Total Stop :

Releasing the gun trigger the pump stops automatically avoiding element damages during the by-pass phase. Pulling the trigger, the high-pressure cleaner starts automatically. Max pump protection.

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• Low Voltage and Delayed Total Stop :

To avoid quick and multiple start and shut down of the motor/pump group whenever the gun trigger is pulled and released, this disposal delays of about 15 seconds the machine shut down. Prevention, energy saving, top safety and pump longer life.

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• Motor Low Rotation Speed :

The electric motor transfers the same number of revolutions to the pump. With a 4 poles motor there is a lower rotation speed of the components (1400 RPM in case of 50Hz or 1750 RPM in case of 60 Hz) granting longer pump life. Extending lifetime solution.

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