Industrial Vacuum Cleaner

In the industrial sector, productivity, resistance and breakeven expectations are growing. The ideal vacuum would be then a machine filtering any kind of dust (also the thinnest) being able to work continuously without the need to clean the filter and without any maintenance. It is more important to get close effectively to this target rather than the way we can reach this. This is the reason why is useless having a big filtering area if the filter is still clogging up fast and more often I need to stop working to clean it.

In our machines we developed the best prevention of the problem (avoiding dust is reaching quickly the filter) rather than trying a solution afterwards (since the filter is clogging up quickly, extending the filtering area it is supposed to extend the effectiveness). It doesn’t matter how wide is the filter, but for how long can work the machine without the need to clean the filter and with this issue, we are the best.

Distributor alat-alat kliningNumber of motors It explains how many motors there are in the vacuum cleaner. Ignition is independent in order to increase progressively the performances. The working system (whenever it is more than one) is in parallel.

Distributor alat-alat kliningCloth filter The cloth consistency and its shape allow a simple cleaning phase and the re usage of the filter. It can be used only for vacuuming dry waste if combined with nylon filter it is possible to work for a longer period of time.

Distributor alat-alat klining

Pneumatic filter shaker (international copyright) Through the selector, the airflow is inverted to feed an internal pneumatic hammer that shakes and blows the filter, cleaning it again completely. It is not necessary to touch the filter or worst to clean it outside the machine spreading again dust everywhere.

Distributor alat-alat kliningAntistatic machines & accessories Using specific conductive materials and engineering, there’s the prevention of ignition sparks from the machine side, up to the end of any tool available for this machine range.


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