Ride on Scrubber Drier

Direct experience of professional people has resulted in Lavor PRO floor scrubbers range easy to handle, powerful, efficient, carefully conceived and designed by using topquality materials.

• Number of disc brushes: The scrubbing group meets different cleaning path need with 1, 2 or 3 disc brushes.

• Number of cilindric brushes: Scrubbing group offer 1 or 2 roller brush solutions together with the sweeping capability. Bristles of different material allows perfect cleaning in any conditions, (carpet and parquet included).

• Cilindric brush quick connection and release: The fittings and releasing of brushes is toolless. Ordinary cleaning maintenace are simple and quick for anybody.

• Constant brush pressure: The pressure of brushes on the floor is made by the heavy brush plate that follows irregularity on the floor and gives always the top pressure without any adjustment still with shorter bristles.

• Solenoid valve: Together with the reliable mechanical solution faucet, this system reduce chemical consumption and avoid solution waste. The flow is open only when brush is working, there is no accidental leak with machine stopped. The system is protected by a filter with easy maintenance.

• Integrated battery charger: Some models are equipped with integrated battery charger, other ones have the predisposition only. It is possible to charge batteries in different rooms, without coming back to the same place.

• Integrated battery: Standard integrated battery is built with a maintenance free technology and it does not require restrictions about the place for battery charging. The non stop research allow to use always up-to-date batteries that combined with appropriate battery charger grant machine top performances.

• Hour meter Useful to check work sessions and to plan stops for battery charging. Best output and investment protection.

• Charge meter and battery protection: It informs when the autonomy is finishing , allowing the end of the cleaning task (stopping brushes first and then the rest). It prevents damages to the batteries, preventing the complete discharge with any kind of technologies.

• Eco Energy System: No-stop and separate control of water quantity and chemical product concentration with automatic and delayed stop of the supply when the machine stops (Automatic Detergent Measuring System).

• U-turns in closed area: The space (length X width) needed to make a U-turn is the min. width in which it is possible to work with the machine. The smaller this room is, the higher the machine output, because less maneuvering is needed. The technical features of our floor scrubber driers (the front wheel shaft is close to the rear one in the walk behind models and the tight steering radius of ride-on ones) grant the minimum room for U-turns. On each ride-on models there is an automatic device that lowers speed when turning, raising the safety level also for inexperienced users.

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