Walk Behind Sweeper

VRLA batteries divide themselves depending on the condition (liquid or gel) of the acid solution (that enables energy exchange) and on the way it is kept inside the battery: if it is liquid and kept by a spongy and filamentous material, the battery is called AGM; if it is a gel solution inside a membrane, the battery is called GEL battery. On the market there are a lot of products completely different in features and value and it is very important to know the manufacturing details to couple the right battery charger (it is not sure that any battery charger is suited and get a better result than the ones in our range that are specific for our batteries) and to come up to the working expectations.


prisindo prima utama• Belt drive
The circular section grants a high resistance, stillness, reliability and it doesnt need service.



PT. Prisndo prima utama• Side brush exclusion
It is a system protecting bristles during machine stop or whenever it is not necessary to use it.


PT. Prisndo prima utama• Dust vacuum system
It can be found in the main brush area. Together with the mechanical action, it conveys waste and dust that are collected into the tank through the right filters supplied.


PT. Prisindo Prima Utama• Front dust vacuum system
As well as traditional vacuum system, a vacuum system can be found in the lateral brush/es collection area. Dust dispersion outside the machine is limited also before the main collection area is reached.


PT. Prisindo Prima Utama• Flap raise system
The main brush collection area is delimited by protections (flaps) touching the ground, better vacuum effect. Whith a big residual is possible to raise the flap collecting it rather than keep going pushing it on the floor


PT. Prisindo Prima Utama• Filter shaker
It clears filter from dust without touching it or opening the sweeper; the vacuum efficiency is kept at max, granting the best comfort and output for the user.

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